CEO Message

This is the message from our President & CEO, Tatsuya Yabana.

「All for Our Customers」 IGUAZU Corporation President & CEO Tatsuya Yabana

Towards a new start

IGUAZU Corporation completed the business integration with Growth D Ltd. and has started a new beginning on May 1st.
Since its establishment in 2006, we have been able to grow steadily with the care and support of many customers and business partners.
New IGUAZU will continue to promote new and open initiatives more rapidly than not only existing business areas, but to further growth and development in the future.
The IT Distribution business, which is the core business, will further expand the cloud and solutions field, and will strengthen the product selection and support system according to customer needs.
In the supply business, we are working to develop EC site (suppliesbank.com) as a unique shop specializing in printer supply products lined from business use to personal use and to further enhance the functions of the central purchasing solution.
In the 3D business, we aim not only to sell conventional 3D printers, but also to grow as a comprehensive business, such as 3D modeling solutions using modeling services, scanners and software.
In addition, we are going to develop full-scale battery restoration service (MOTTA) as a new business.
In the MOTTA business, we will reduce cost, CO2 and hazardous waste by restorating lead-acid batteries with innovative technology. Incorporating the monitoring function by IoT, we will provide a comprehensive management solution for more efficient and sophisticated batteries.
We will continue to aim to become an "essential company" that is essential to information society by challenging new value creation based on the philosophy of "All for Our customers".
We appreciate your continuous support.