Terms of Use

This website is operated with the aim of providing information that helps its users gain an understanding of the activities pursued by IGUAZU Corporation and its affiliated companies. Please use this website only if you agree to the following terms of use.

This website (hereinafter "this Site") is operated by IGUAZU Corporation (hereinafter "Company") with the aim of providing information to help understand the activities of the Company. (However, the Company may outsource all or part of the operation of this Site and other related work to subcontractors.)

Please read the following website terms of use (hereinafter "Terms of Use") before using this Site, and use this Site only if you agree to these terms. Customers will be deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use by accessing, viewing, or using this Site. As these Terms of Use are subject to change as needed, customers are expected to check the latest revision from time to time.

Furthermore, other websites operated by the Company may be linked to this Site. When using those sites, please note that you will be required to agree to separate terms of use, if any.

1. Purpose of Information Provision

This Site is operated for the purpose of providing information; it is not intended to solicit the purchase, sale, etc., of the Company's shares.

2. Changes to the Website and Information Content, etc.

The Terms of Use, published content, and URL may be changed, altered, or removed without prior notice. Furthermore, as the operation of all or part of this Site may be interrupted or terminated without prior notice, customers are advised to use caution when establishing links to individual pages (such as those introducing specific products) in lower directories. In addition, please be aware that any information on this website may not always be up to date.

3. Precautions Regarding Future Information

Information published on this Site may contain information related to prediction of future trends and financial outlook, etc. Such information has been published based on the Company's judgment as of the time of publication and thus contains elements of uncertainty and does not guarantee future results. Actual results may significantly differ from any forecast due to various factors surrounding the Company, including unforeseeable economic conditions and social trends.

4. Copyright

  1. All rights including copyright regarding information and content (materials, documents, images, audio, software, etc.; hereinafter "copyrighted work, etc.") provided or published on this Site are vested in the Company or the provider of the copyrighted work, etc., and are protected under copyright laws, international treaties, patent laws, and other laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights.
  2. Provision of copyrighted work, etc., on this Site does not entail assignment of copyright, design rights, or other intellectual property rights regarding any invention, design, etc., that may be contained in the copyrighted work, etc., and does not grant any rights or other license based on said intellectual property rights.
    Customers are prohibited from the use (including, but not limited to, copying, reproduction, translation, adaptation, modification, upload, posting, transmission, display, distribution, licensing, sale, assignment, lending, publication, and use for the creation of derivative works) of such copyrighted work, etc., beyond personal use or the scope permitted expressly by law, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, regardless of the media used, without obtaining prior written consent from the Company.
  3. Depending on the individual copyrighted work, etc., provided, customers may be required to agree to separate terms of use. Please use software in accordance with the provisions of the license agreement presented by the owner of the software at the time of its provision, as well as copyright laws, treaties, and other related laws.
  4. Any copyrighted work, etc., provided on this Site is provided as is, and no guarantee is offered for its content, etc.

5. Trademarks

Trade names, service names, product names, logo marks, etc., stated or posted on this Site are the registered trademarks or trademarks of the Company and/or companies they belong to. Except when permitted by trademark law or other related laws, these may not be used, etc., without the prior consent of the Company or the companies they belong to. When there is a trademark notice (credit) on each page of this Site, you are expected to abide by that notice.

6. Prohibited Matters

The following conduct is prohibited when using this Site.

  1. Actions that infringe or may infringe on the property or privacy, etc., of a third party or the Company.
  2. Actions that cause or may cause a third party or the Company to suffer a disadvantage or loss.
  3. Actions that defame or threaten a third party or the Company, or impair its reputation or credibility.
  4. Criminal actions or actions that lead or may lead to criminal actions.
  5. Actions that involve making false declarations or notifications regarding information registered with this Site, such as registering the e-mail address of another person.
  6. Actions undertaken for profit or business activities on this Site, or actions undertaken in preparation for such activities.
  7. Actions that involve or may involve using or providing harmful programs including computer viruses.
  8. Actions that involve altering the content published on this Site, and removing or altering the notification of copyright, trademarks, and/or other rights.
  9. Actions that go against or may go against public order and decency.
  10. Actions that violate or may violate laws, regulations, or ordinances.
  11. Actions that the Company deems inappropriate for rational reasons.

7. Information Provided by Customers, etc.

  1. The Company denies any obligation to consider, evaluate, or adopt information, materials, etc., provided by customers through this Site. Please note that the information, materials, etc., thus provided are not deemed confidential.
    However, the Company takes appropriate safety control measures in accordance with the Privacy Policy regarding personal information including the name, designation, etc., of customers, which will not be disclosed unless otherwise provided. Neither will the fact that the customer has submitted documents or other information to the Company be disclosed. For the Privacy Policy, please refer to the Privacy Policy page of this Site.
  2. By submitting information or materials to the Company, customers will be deemed to have granted to the Company unconditional rights free of charge to copy, reproduce, issue, upload, publish, transfer, distribute, display, stage, play, screen, alter, create derivative works of, and otherwise use said information or materials. Please note that customers will be deemed to have consented, unconditionally and free of charge, to the use of ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques contained in the information or materials submitted by customers, for any purpose and without restriction.

8. Disclaimer

The Company use the utmost care in every respect when publishing information on this Site. However, no guarantee is offered with respect to the following matters, and the Company disclaims any responsibility should any damage or loss result from the occurrence or use of said matters, or from an error in related information, etc.

  1. Accuracy and validity of information and content published on this Site (whether it is useful/certain/safe and serves the purpose of the user (uninterrupted use of functions, absence of errors, correction of defects, absence of computer viruses and other harmful programs on this Site and servers, etc.)).
  2. Accuracy and validity of the content of information provided by third parties, such as manufacturer information published on this Site.
  3. Absence of change or removal of information and interruption or termination of the operation of this Site, regardless of the reason, including failure and stoppage of the servers, network devices, lines, etc., power outage, natural disaster, maintenance work, and other reasons leading to the interruption, delay, etc., of services.
  4. Accuracy and validity of the information provided on the external linked websites, if there are links from this Site to external websites.
  5. Use or non-use of information provided by customers, or download of files and plugins, etc.
  6. In addition to each of the preceding items, the Company will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, normal, special, or other consequential damages (including, but not limited to, lost profit, business interruption, loss of programs or data on information systems, information system losses, and other losses) arising from the use of this Site or other linked websites by customers, regardless of whether the Company had foreseen such damages.

9. Links

If you wish to establish links to this Site, please fill in the required items in Inquiries and enter the following information in the Contents field, then contact us.

  1. URL of the pages where you wish to establish a link
  2. Content of the website you wish to establish a link to, and the purpose of doing so

However, the following links are prohibited.

  1. Representation that could mislead third parties by making it unclear that certain content belongs to the Company, such as by displaying the Company's website within the frame of the link source.
  2. Creating a frame around the pages of this Site, or altering the visual expression or appearance of this Site's content using other technologies.
  3. Representation implying approval or endorsement of the linked site, services, or products by the Company.
  4. Representation that creates an erroneous or a misleading impression about the Company or representation that could impair the business reputation associated with the name or trademarks of the Company.
  5. Establishing a link using the logos of the Company.
  6. Other links that fall under "6. Prohibited Matters" of the Terms of Use.

The URL of this Site is subject to change without notice. In addition, please note that the Company may terminate the permission for links to this Site any time at its own discretion.

10. Links to External Websites

The websites of third parties linked to or from this Site (hereinafter "third-party link sites") are managed by the companies, etc., operating those sites under their own responsibility. The Company does not guarantee their content, safety, etc. When accessing third-party link sites, carefully examine their content and terms of use, etc., before viewing or using them.
The Company provides these links only for the sake of convenience for the customers. Links to this Site do not signify a partnership or other special relationship between the Company and companies, etc., operating third-party link sites, or that the Company endorses the content, listed products, services, companies, etc., of the third-party link sites. Furthermore, the Company disclaims any responsibility for the content or usage of third-party link sites.

11. Cookies

When this Site is accessed, cookies are sent to your computer. A cookie is a small file consisting of text information identifying the browsers of individual customers; it is used for the purpose of saving customer settings (character sizes, etc.) and surveying customer tendencies (the order in which pages are browsed) to provide certain functions and improve the service quality on this Site.
While many browsers are configured to accept cookies by default, customers may change the browser setting to refuse to accept cookies, or to display an alert when cookies are sent. However, when cookies are disabled, some functions and services of this Site may not work properly, and the range of available content and services may be limited. To ensure full use of this Site, it is recommended that you configure your browser to accept cookies.
Furthermore, cookies configured on this Site do not contain personal information (company name, name, phone number, e-mail address, address, etc.) of customers.

12. Web Beacon

A web beacon is a mechanism using images, JavaScript, and cookies to statistically analyze the number of visits, the order in which pages have been accessed, etc. This Site uses a web beacon to analyze site access to help improve the website.
In addition, the Company's statistical tools or support services of marketing companies may be used to analyze access trends.

13. Regions

This Site is intended for use by customers residing in Japan. The Company disclaims any responsibility regarding the use of this Site from countries or regions other than Japan.
(We, hereby, disclaim any violation of laws, rules, or any other regulations by your access to our Web site from any foreign country or region outside Japanese jurisdiction.)

14. Inquiries Regarding this Site

Please send any feedback or questions regarding this Site or the Company using the Inquiries form.
The Company may respond to inquiries via e-mail. The content of such e-mail is intended for the provision of information. The information is to be used only by the person who received it from the Company, and it may not be reproduced, transferred, etc., without approval. Due to the nature of e-mail, there may be such inconveniences as missing or altered content, delays, etc. Please be aware that the Company disclaims any responsibility for such occurrences.

15. Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

This Site and these Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Japan.
Any dispute relating to this Site and these Terms of Use is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance, unless otherwise provided.

16. Other

These Terms of Use do not unreasonably alter the rights of customers guaranteed by the Consumer Protection Act and other consumer protection codes. Even in cases in which these Terms of Use are partially nullified by law, all other portions remain in force.